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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: November 20, 2002   Intro reworked July 23, 2003 
Album: Man With A Memory
Written by: Randy Boudreaux - Clint Daniels - Donny Kees - Blake Mevis

          BROKENHEARTSVILLE  Joe Nichols

Intro: Bb  D Gm D# Bb F (F)         play(F) as one strum

Intro notes:  chords over riff are approximate Listen to recording for timing.
Guitar  h=hammer on                           
 Bb             D         Gm           D#           Bb   
---6 SLIDE 7----7--------7---------------------------------------

(Slide guitar tabbed for guitar)
                  F                   (F) 

Bb                  F                    Gm
He wore that cowboy hat to cover up his horns
Bb                     F                  Gm
Sweet talking forked tongue had tempting charm
D#                 F                  Gm
Before I turned around that girl was gone
D#                    F                       Bb
All I can say is bartender pour me something strong
Bass run.

F                           Gm
Here's to the past they can kiss my glass
   D#                    Bb
I hope she's happy with him
F                      Gm
Here's to the girl who wrecked my world
     D#                 F
That angel that did me in
Bb                          D
I think the devil drives a Coup de Ville
Gm                        D# 
I watched him drive away over the hill
       Bb                           F
Not against her will and I've got time to kill

D#          F           Bb      Bb D  Gm  D#  Bb F D 
Down in Bro-kenhearts-ville

Bb               F                    Gm
It was long and chrome sittin' in the lot
Bb           F                  Gm
Fire engine red, that thing was hot
D#           F                  Gm
He reved it up, she waved good-bye
D#               F              Bb  bass run see above
Love's gone to hell and so have I

To chorus, chorus   Bb D Gm D# Bb