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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  July 26, 2004
Written by:
Note:  vamp means to play a short section over and over

            GIRLS LIE TOO   Terri Clark

INTRO Play 2x(listen to recording for timing)
           E             F#     A   placement approximate
b mean to bend (listening to the recording)

So she canít go out tonight again
Her sisterís sick sheís gotta baby-sit
      A                                  E   B
Yeah that sounds like a pretty good ex-cuse
Now you didnít hear any of this from me
But things arenít always what they seem
      A                                     B
Brace yourself this may come as a shock to you

        A        E 
      Girls lie too
          A                       F#m      
      And we donít care how much money you make
           E                A          E
      Or what you drive or what you weigh
        F#        F#m           B
      Size donít matter anyway  
        B        E
      Girls lie too
        A                     F#m
      Donít think youíre the only ones
           E                  A         E  
      Who bend it break it stretch it some
      F#                 B
      We learn from you
        B        E
      Girls lie too

We canít wait to hear about your round of golf
We love to see deer heads hanging on the wall
    A                                    E   B
And we like Hooterís for their hotwings too
Other guys never cross our minds
We donít wonder what it might be like
    A                                       B
How could it be any better than it is with you?

to chorus, to lead

       A        E  
Yeah girls lie too  
A                 F#m     
We always forgive and forget
      E                     A    E   
The cards and flowers you never sent
F#                    F#m         B
Will never be brought up again
B          E 
Girls lie too
A                    F#m  
Old grey sweatpants turn us on
     E                        A        E  
We like your friends and we love your mom
F#               A     B        E
And that's the truth Girls lie too
F#                A     B        E 
Yeah that's the truth Girls lie too

vamp on intro to fade
No we donít care how much hair you have
Yeah that looks good comb it over like that