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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date: May 29, 2003   
Written by: Buddy Jewell (Nashville Star winner)


Intro (This is easier to do than write it down) Listen to recording
 Play the number, then strum the chord  Play this whole thing 2 times

C                F             C
The moment was custom made to order
        Dm              Em            F                 G
I was riding with my daughter on our way back from Mon-roe
                  C                 F              C 
And like children do She started playing twenty questions
       F                   C               F             G
But I never could have guessed one would touch me to my soul

She said, Daddy

F                 G           C        Em    Am 
When we get to heaven can I taste the Milky Way
         F              G       C            Em       Am     
Are we going there to visit or are we going there to stay
       F             G           C      Em      Am   
Am I gonna see my grandpa Can I have a pair of wings
             F                   C           Dm
And do you think that God could use another angel
     G                 C   intro
To help pour out the rain

 C                   F                    C            
Well I won't lie I pulled that car right over
      Dm                  Em               F             G        
And I sat there on the shoulder tryin' to dry my misty eyes
                  C            F                  C  
And I whispered Lord I wanna thank you for my children
              F             C                F               G
Cause your innocence that fills them often takes me by sur-prize

Like, Daddy
to chorus, lead

          F              Em             C                Am  
Well I thought about it later on And a smile came to my face 
             Dm                Em          F                  G
And when I tucked her into bed I got down on my knees and prayed
        F             G            C        Em    Am      
Lord, when I get to heaven can I taste the Milky way
          F             G           C          Em      Am     
I don't wanna come to visit cause  I'm coming home to stay
             F                G              C    Em      Am    
And I can't wait to see my family and meet Jesus face to face
             F                    C                 Dm 
And do you think Lord, you could use just one more angel
     G                 C   C Em Am G            G                 
To help pour out the rain          mmmm can I help pour out the 
C    Em Am G F G   C Em Am G F G G C