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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  September 11, 2022
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  THE BALLAD OF PAUL - EyeOfTheLioness
(written by unknown)

As Paul McCartney
Leaves this world
As he's taking his last stand
As John and George and Ringo
Don't hardly understand
Never made the papers
Didn't read it in the news
But it's rang out  useified
In several hidden grooves

Sargent Pepper to Abby Roads
led us on a chase
If you know just where to look 
It all falls into place
Arguing and accident
and Champagne the lights
A left handed guitar on a French dug grave
How does he make a come back


Now it's dark in the morning light
In a Magical Mystery Tour
Three inside with blood red rose
one black corpse Paul
Song lyrics are important
In fact they say it all
At the end of Strawberry Fields
John says I'm very tall

Four men on the cycle
Abby roads cross the Dunton Street
The first in white the next in black
the third no shoes on feet
A cigarette is dangling in the right hand of the dead
McCartney was left handed so everyone has said
These are the few things that I have found
In one way I give a shout buried him in the ground
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Of one fact I am certain
On one point crystal clear
Alive or death or just a hoax
The truth will never hear
John Lennon is the phony man
He drag us to believe
He led us all from truth to truth
So fantastic to believe

If you find it in the description
You'll believe in King Lear
You may have a date everland
The time is strongly here.

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