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Transcribed by: asf0@comcast.net  Alice Franceschini
Date:  11/10/2010
Album: From A Table Away
Written by: Sunny Sweeney - Karyn Rochelle - Bob DiPiero
Note:To play along with the recording, tune to a guitar tuner.  Free ones online.
You can capo the first fret and play these chords ignoring the sharps. Fm becomes an Em. Bbm becomes Am
Bbm and A#m are the same chord.  It helps me play if I used the Bbm notation.
I didn't work all the licks and runs,just some to give you the idea of what is going on.

         FROM A TABLE AWAY   Sunny Sweeney

Intro:  Listen to recording for timing
          G#        D#                 G#                D#           C#


chord riff 1  on the G# chord
You hold the G# chord and add pinkie then remove pinkie to get that chord sound on the recording.
x means muted or don't play.
G# is the F chord form on the 4th fret.  So if barre chords are too much for you then play
just the simplier F chord form on the 4th fret and don't play the two bass strings and use
your pinkie finger on and off.  Listen to the recording for timing and what this is suppose
to sound like.

G#  466544   or xx6544
G#+ 46x644   or xx6644

riff 2 


G#   xxx444
G#+  xxxh544  resolve on C#

lick 1

lick 4

lick 5

lick 6

lick 7

   FROM A TABLE AWAY     Sunny Sweeney
  Bbm                               G#      riff 1   riff 2
I bet you’d never guess who I saw to-night
  Bbm                                     G#     riff 1  lick 1
Guess you didn’t see me in those low dim lights
Cm                         C#                       lick 3
I knew who she was By the ring still on her hand
 Bbm                         G#             D#      lick 4
Sure looked like you still wanted to be her man

       Bbm                              G#   D#   Bbm                    G#  D#
So I guess that means that things are better     Must not be so bad at home
	Bbm                             G#             D#
I thought it looked like you were leavin’  But it don’t
        Bbm                          Fm            Bbm                     Fm
And I heard you tell her you still love her So it doesn’t matter what you say
          C#    N.C.                G#  D#  G#  D# C#  repeat intro                  C#    G#
I saw it all      1.) From a table away                              2.)From a table a    way

    Bbm                                                    G#
I thought she was pretty She’s nothing like the things you said
      Bbm                                         G#            
The woman you described Couldn’t even turn your head
Cm                             C#                 
Two of you look lost inside a world all your own
Bbm                 G#              D#
Like you couldn’t wait to get her alone

go to chorus using 2.)  intro
to chorus

        Bbm                          Fm             Bbm                    Fm
And I heard you tell her you still love her So it doesn’t matter what you say
                    C#  D#                           G#    D#  G#  D#
		  I saw it all                 From a table away  
                  G#   D#  G# D#             G#                   
Yes you’re gonna stay              A  table away