Web graphics that I animated or animations I changed
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Been playing with animating graphics\animations I found on the web. Here's the results.

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First of all, kudos to all the graphic and animation artists that made
the original animations and graphics. Without their postings their great graphics
and animations to the web, this page would not be possible

2004 Animation\Graphic Changed Collection

Original Animation\Graphic 2004 Collection Comments

graphic 14kb

afcarouselsm.gif - 61kb

twohorsecarousel3sm.gif - 82kb
I found a great merry go round (carousel) graphic and I just had to try and animated it. There is a four horse carousel and below it is a two horse carousel or merry-go-round.
This is a large animation and it can take a while to load. Please be patience. The animations below these carousels are probably loaded and running. Go view those then come on back to this animation.

Click here for a large four horse carousel - 184kb -can take a moment or two to load. Please be patience

Click here for a large two horse carousel - 176kb - can take a moment or two to load. Please be patience

bird_bath.gif - 14kb

afbluejaybath.gif -135kb
As you can see, the original was a good animation but I wanted it with more movement.

All four are like this.
Shown smaller then real size
trainset1.gif - 17kb

aftrainset2.gif - 11kb
I found a four piece trainset but each part is a single animations. I wanted a trainset as one animation. When I tore the animation apart I found that many of the graphics were damaged so I couldn't just put it back together as a whole train and have it look right. So I made up a trainset graphic and added wheel movement. If train wheels aren't moving, click on the animation and view it. Not sure why it stops moving.

turkey.gif - 3kb

afturkey2.gif - 21 kb
I love this turkey graphic. so I animated it. I thought about an egg but upon further thought a pilgrim would be funny. Couldn't find a graphic of a pilgrim and so I used what I had, a cornucopia.

teapour.gif - 4kb

afteapour.gif - 30kb
I animated this graphic.
** ** future use
** ** future use

2003 animation\graphics changed collection

Original Animation\Graphic 2003 Collection Comments

blueghostorg.gif - 9kb

blueghost.gif 91kb
I animated this graphic

gramma.gif - 7kb

recordplayer-ani.gif 12kb
I completely overhauled this one. The record spins all the way around now, the whole image no longer moves, just the sound horn, phonograph arm and record.

gary.jpeg - 7kb

I love spongebob. This is gary his pet snail. This was a graphic that I animated. I think I have the eyes blinking a bit too fast.

cheshirecat2.gif - 20kb

fadecat100.gif - 47kb
New rendition of this old favorite cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. It now actually fades out instead of disappearing by dots. I'm still looking for the original dot fading one but in the meantime I posted another artist's rendition on this theme

elephanttrumpet.gif - 10kb

pinkelephanttrumpet.gif - 10kb
I looked all over for a animation of a pink elephant for a new year's gif. Found this gray elephant and all I did was make it pink.

elephantwalking.gif - 7kb

pinkelephant.gif - 7kb
This gray elephant is an old animation. It's seen all over the web in various animation web sites. It just moves great so why re-invent the wheel so I just made this one pink for a new year's gif.
** ** future use
Web animations that I did nothing to but are here cause I think they are funny:
no changes, just like them comments

sheep1-ani.gif -- sheep2-ani.gif -- sheep3.gif - 2kb each
I just like them

cockroach1.gif - 10kb
I just love this guy!