Story Time With Peggy Halliday Young - Sir Sambo Snare (Book 1)

Sir Sambo Snare is a cautious cat. 
Who rules over Haven House. 
He drinks dreamy drinks from a cream saucer dish 
And sleeps in a satin-lined box. 
He catches most mice 
Who come to steal food. 
Sir Sambo Snare behaves himself well 
As every cautious cat should do. 
And the pretty polite people of Haven House 
Love him. Yes, they do. 
Everything is fine with Sir Sambo Snare. 
He is as happy as can be, 
Except that Sir Sambo Snare has never had company. 
He could make friends with most mice 
But this presents a problem-- 
Sir Sambo Snare hates most mice. 
They are only fit for food, says he. 
One day two rollicking rabbits come 
to Haven House. 
Through the front door I believe. 
Sir Sambo Snare is sound asleep 
In the sampler sofa chair. 
The rabbits are timid at first, yes, they are. 
And shyly keep perfectly still. 
Soon, they grow braver and try to move, 
But slip and slide on the kitchen floor. 
They make such a racket that Sir Sambo Snare 
Jumps out of the sampler sofa chair. 
And sees them eating dry bread from his dish. 
Crunch-crunch Crunch-crunch 
Quietly crouching, with nervous tail twitching 
He springs and boxes their ears. 
The rollicking rabbits back off they cringed. 
'Tis not right! 
Those beautiful bunnies feel singed. 
And quickly hop out of sight. 
When Sir Sambo Snare finally gains control 
Those rollicking rabbits hop through the door 
And Sambo follows closely behind. 
The rabbits hop into the bedroom downstairs 
And crawl underneath the bed. 
Sir Sambo Snare creeps after them 
And boxes their ears again! 
However, this time, the rabbits don't hide 
But draw their ears snugly against their sides, 
Close their eyes, lift their heads 
And sniff at Sir Sambo Snare. 
He bristles his tail, raises the fur on his back, 
Bounces up, bounces down, sideways and 'round 
In a kind of Indian dance. 
Nothing else happens, so Sir Sambo Snare 
Goes to the kitchen again. 
A drink of cool milk to calm his frayed nerves. 
Poor Sambo Snare! It is all that he can take, 
but he has to make sure things are okay, 
so he creeps carefully and softly back. 
Horror above horrors! What does he see? 
Nothing---the hoppy hares with the floppy 
ears have completely disappeared. 
Sir Sambo Snare searches high and low, 
Left and right. 
No bunnies are there 
There are rabbit smells here 
And rabbit smells there 
And traces that furburgers leave. 
Is it possible that he, Sir Sambo Snare, 
will never see them again? 
A big round tear rolls down his nose----- 
But then he hears a sound! 
Crunch-crunch Crunch-crunch 
Sir Sambo Snare should have known 
Those rabbits are eating again. 
He sneaks to the kitchen 
And to his dismay sees 
That in his sleek satin-lined box! 
On his pillow, no less! 
There they are! 
And they are eating crummy crackers in bed!!!! 
The End 


Sir Sambo Snare (book 1)