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I use Internet Explorer and QuickTime to play these tunes as Internet Explorer is the only
current browser that can still play midi files.

Sure, you can have these tunes if you want them. Midi files play on a computer so download
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The following have been made with Guitar Pro software
for reading tablature. Guitar Pro Home Page
Best play with a sound blaster sound card.  This software is easy and fun to use. 
Check out their home page. 

************************************************************************ Midi files or Mid files are not played by current browsers except Internet Explorer and you might need QuickTime as well, see link below for getting that. *****************************************************************
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These popup windows work but the tune will not play unless you are using Internet Explorer. Many of these tunes have long pauses before they begin to play, so do wait a bit for it to play. If using Chrome as your browser, click on the link and it will automatically want to download the tune. You can download song after another or get all of them Download All The Tunes

************************************************************* No matter what browser you are using, you are welcome to click on the tune buttons below and see if they work for you. It is best to close each music window or the music window will get stuck behind Windows and becomes hard to find forcing to shut down windows until you get to desk top manager. *******************************************************************************************
I made the following tunes by scanning sheet music into the computer. Then made a midi file out of them. The music Software I used isn't as accurate as it should be. There are mistakes in these tunes. I know they sound like a person is stumbling through them but I assure you the computer made the midi files.
Now for some Christmas tunes:

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