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Paisley Brad Parnell Lee Roy Parton Dolly Patience & Prudence Paycheck Johnny
Peck Danielle Petrone Shana Perfect Stranger Perry Keith Peterson Michael
Pitney Gene Pointer Sisters Pretenders Pride Charley Proctor Rachel
Pruit Jeannie Pure Prairie League Rascal Flatts Raye Collin Reed Jerry
Reeves Jim Reeves Julie Restless Heart Rhett Thomas Rich Charlie
Rich John Riley Jeannie C Rimes Leann River Road Rivers Johnny
Rogers Kenny Rogers Roy Rolling Stones Rooftop Singers Rosin Charlie
Royal Billy Joe Rucker Darius Rushlow Tim Ruttan Deric Sam The Sham
Sawyer Brown Scott Ray Seals Brady Seals Dan Sears Dawn
Sedaka Neil Sellers Jason Sellers Jason Shannon Del Sharp Kevin
Shaw Victoria SheDaisy Shelton Blake Shenandoah Shephard Cybill & Tom Wopat
Sheppard T. G. Singletary Daryle Slade Winston Smith Anthony Sons Of The Desert
Staley Kathy Standley Johnny Steiner Tommy Shane Stone Doug Strait George
Stuart Marty Sweeny Sunny Sweethearts Of The Rodeo Sylvia Tennison Chalee
Thomson Cyndi Thyra Tomlinson Trent Tillis Mel Tillis Pam
Tippin Aaron Traveling Wilburys Travis Randy Trevino Rick Trick Pony
Triggs Trini Tritt Travis Tucker Tanya Turner Josh Turtles
T.V. Theme Songs Twain Shania Tyler Kris Tyler Ryan
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paisley brad
         anything like me (just lyrics)
         bucked off
         he didn't have to be
         i don't know 
         i'll take you back 
         i'm still a guy       
         i wish you'd stay
         me neither
         ode de toilet (the toilet song)
         one beer can
         start a band
         who needs pictures
         wrapped around 
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parnell lee roy a tender moment back to menu
parton dolly jolene those memories of you two doors down with bells on back to menu
patience & prudence tonight you belong to me back to menu
paycheck johnny old violin she's all i've got take this job and shove it back to menu
peck danielle i don't back to menu
perfect stranger coming up short again back to menu
perry keith don't lie in my arms tonight back to menu
peterson michael by the book from here to eternity somethin' 'bout a sunday sure feels real good too good to be true back to menu
petrone shana this time back to menu
pitney gene down in the boondocks back to menu
pointer sisters i'm so excited back to menu
the pretenders back on the chain gang brass in pocket back to menu
pride charley just between you and me back to menu
proctor rachel days like this me and emily back to menu
pruit jeannie satin sheets back to menu
pure prairie league amy back to menu
Q space for q
R back to menu
rascal flatts i melt i'm moving on love you out loud these days back to menu
raye collin anyone else couldn't last a moment i can still feel you little red rodeo someone you used to know start over georgia that's my story back to menu
reed jerry amos moses east bound and down pms i guess back to menu
reeves jim he'll have to go back to menu
reeves julie trouble is a woman what i need back to menu
restless heart no end to this road back to menu
rhett thomas beer can't fix back to menu
rich charlie behind closed doors back to menu
rich john forever loving you back to menu
riley jeannie c harper valley p.t.a. back to menu
rimes leann but i do love you big deal blue commitment more than anyone deserves nothing new under the moon one way ticket suddenly (just lyrics) that light in your eye these arms of mine unchained melody we can (soundtrack song from Legally Blonde II) back to menu
river road nickajack back to menu
rivers johnny memphis secret agent man back to menu
rogers kenny buy me a rose daytime friends i'm missing you the greatest back to menu
rogers roy happy trails to you back to menu
rolling stones connection let's spend the night together back to menu
ronstadt linda just one look silver threads and golden needles tracks of my tears you're no good back to menu
rooftop singers walk right in (tab\chords\lyrics) back to menu
rosin charlie bar light back to menu
royal billy joe down in the boondocks old bridges burn slow back to menu
rucker darius come back song i don't know straight to hell (long version) straight to hell (short version back to menu
rushlow tim or rushlow crazy life i can't be your friend back to menu
ruttan deric when you come around back to menu
sam the sham and the pharoahs little red riding hood back to menu
sawyer brown 800 lb jesus drive me wild i'm in love with her they don't understand back to menu
scott ray my kind of music back to menu
seals brady i fell back to menu
seals dan bop back to menu
sears dawn it was too late back to menu
sedaka neil breaking up is hard to do back to menu
sellers jason a matter of time back to menu
shannon del keep searching back to menu
sharp kevin she's sure taking it well there's only you back to menu
shaw victoria all for the sake of love back to menu
shedaisy before me and you get over yourself i will....but little good-byes lucky 4 you (tonight i'm just me) punishment this woman needs back to menu
shelton blake austin all over me heavy liftin' nobody but me ol' red playboys of the southwestern world the baby back to menu
shenandoah two dozen roses back to menu
shephard cybill (with Tom Wopat) talk memphis to me back to menu
sheppard t.g. one for the money back to menu
singletary daryle i'd love to lay you down the note back to menu
slade winston english lanuage (oh e) back to menu
smith anthony john j blanchard back to menu
sons of the desert change everybody's got to grow up whatever comes first back to menu
staley kathy somebody's child wicked ways back to menu
standley johnny it's in the book (grandma's lye soap back to menu
steiner tommy shane what if she's an angel back to menu
stone doug gone out of my mind make up in love surprise take a letter, maria too busy being in love why didn't i think of that back to menu
strait george bigger man than me check yes or no cowboys like us don't make me come over there every little honky tonk bar hollywood squares i just want to dance with you i've come to expect it from you like spilled perfume love bug meanwhile murder on music row (with alan jackson) one night at a time round about way run she'll leave you with a smile tell me something bad about tulsa the best day the chill of an early fall the real thing (just lyrics) true we really shouldn't be doing this what a merry christmas this could be what do you say to that when it's christmas time in texas write this down back to menu
stuart marty if there ain't there ought'a be back to menu
sweeny sunny from a table away back to menu
sweethearts of the rodeo beautiful lies blue to the bone i feel fine back to menu
sylvia nobody just like nothing ever happened snapshot back to menu
T back to menu
tennison chalee just because she lives there someone else's turn to cry back to menu
thomson cyndi i always liked that best I'm Gone back to menu
thyra witchcraft back to menu
tillis mel heart over mind old faithful back to menu
tillis pam all the good ones are gone everytime i said a prayer land of the living the river and the highway spilled perfume sweetheart's dance back to menu
tippin aaron always was for you i will her if her lovin' don't kill me i'm leaving that's as close as i'll get to loving you what this country needs back to menu
tomlinson trent drunker than me back to menu
traveling wilburys end of the line back to menu
travis randy a man ain't made of stone hard rock bottom of my heart if i didn't have you it's just a matter of time my greatest fear out of my bones pray for the fish spirit of a boy or the wisdom of a man stranger in my mirror the hole three wooden crosses whisper my name back to menu
trevino rick In My Dreams back to menu
trick pony ain't wasting good whiskey on you a boy like you Just What I Do on a mission back to menu
triggs trini horse 'cross to mexico back to menu
tritt travis country ain't country a great day to be alive best of intentions if i lost you lonesome on'ry and mean love of a woman modern day bonnie and clyde no more looking over my shoulder still in love with you (tell me why) strong enough to be your man back to menu
tucker tanya a memory like i'm gonna be as long as i'm dreaming can i see you tonight delta dawn don't believe my heart can stand another you i won'ttake less than your love i'll come back as another woman if it don't come easy it's only over for you just another love little things love me like you use to san antonio stroll back to menu
turner josh long black train what it ain't back to menu
turtles you baby back to menu
tvthemes just shoot me theme song (lauren wood - back to you) suddenly susan theme song (shawn colvin - nothing on me) back to menu
twain shania come on over don't be stupid (you know i love you) forever and for always forget me honey i'm home i'm gonna getcha good love gets me everytime (gone and done it) man! i feel like a woman! no one needs to know rock this country! that don't impress me much up! what made you say that? whatever you do! don't! when when he leaves you you're still the one you've got a way back to menu
tyler kris what a woman knows back to menu
tyler ryan that last thing she said back to menu
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