Alice's Free Wallpaper Collection - Page 2

These are bmp files made with Poser and PSP.

Simply click on the image you want, wait till it loads, click on that image and save as. If you don't do this, then you will download my icon image which is a gif file and not big enough for windows wallpaper and you can't read the text. These are huge files and slower connections can take a long time and perhaps all you want to do is read what they say. I put what the test says under the image

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And all of Wonderland stayed
the same except for Alice.
Willie Worm. Is that a zombie
or a ghost? (Willie just has ??!!!)
(apple and worm just have ??!!!)
The apple core says "Jenny Craig"
no text no text no text
no text no text no text
hahahahaha The pope really
does crap in the woods
crunch crunch love those
Cinderella late night Snacks
It's gonna be a thin Christmas
no text (the fly lands on
the inside of your
computer monitor)
Ow (the bat crashed
into your computer monitor)
Read between the lines
Cinderellas! Get your
Cinderella snacks here!!
Ho Ho HO I just farted
and no one knows ho ho ho
Elf on the floor noticed
P.U. milk and cookies
Must be weird having gentials
and 10 fingers and toes.
Ok you two agree this
is a good field for
crop circle ?
What do you mean you
might have left it in gear?
I love how these
carnival mirrors make me
look so funny.
no text no text no text
no text no text no text
no text no text no text
no text Hey !!! I said I wanted to see Roswell, not do
an re-enactment. Now get up and
let's fly over the white house again.
Coming Soon
no text no text no text

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