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Dead Guy's Tabs
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If you want to learn to play great guitar faster than just stumbling along, check this out. So good I bought it after seeing some of the lessons on


Definitely check out this British youth playing smoking country licks and riffs AND let him teach them to you. It may take you a couple of viewings to get some of them down but, oh my gosh, well worth your time and energy. I bought this dvd and this kid has greatly improved my country guitar and I only have scratched the surface. I find this youth fun to learn from and watch as he will instantly create a lead lick or riff using the techniques he just showed you how to do. I find this DVD challenging, maybe even maddening, but I stayed with it and now I got some great licks and riffs to play and you can too. It is both fun and just awesome to hear this kid play. Best money for guitar lessons I ever spent. Visit the website for more details and to listen to some of the DVD yourself. Click Here for Chicken Pickin
I hope you checked out Corinne Cook's CD. Great songs and singer
Don't have to just take my word for it, visit her web site and listen
to samples of her tunes. I bought this CD.
Corrinne Cook

Do you want to play really great country guitar ? Check out truefire
I own almost all their country guitar systems and it's serious guitar learning stuff.
Think you play well now?
Wait until you use one of these systems. It's amazing how well it works
TOP 100 TABS - 100 of worlds best tablature sites listed on one page!
TOTALTABS (aussie)
The Osbournes Theme Song and Ozzie and Sharon's rendition of Those Were The Days (All In The Family theme song) lyrics, The Osbournes Theme Song plus

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