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POSTED RECENTLY September 3, 2020 I noticed some errors on this page. Hopefully I corrected them. Things like links to songs were not working. And sentences trying to say something but failed. ;} I was trying to see if making the songs into image files would work out. Way too much work, so I went back to text files, making them easier to steal. So the link problems were asking for a jpg file instead of the text file. Hopefully I fixed all those. This archive is mainly for me to easily find songs I tabbed. I tabbed all the songs in this archive except for 3. Just want you to know. But I am sharing them with you, should you want them. Yes I know you are uploading them to other archives and claiming the work is yours. That makes you a thief but if you are ok with that so am I. Thieving is the reason I stopped tabbing the top 40 country songs. So be sure to thank yourself for that.
This Page Was Last Updated May 28, 2020
****************************************************** May 28, 2020 Just tabbed and posted Talk Memphis To Me with Cybill Shephard and Tom Wopat. The version they performed on Cybill's tv show. Unfortunately Cybill's albums have different versions. It is tabbed to that show's performance. It is in the key of E major. You get both capoed and uncapoed tabs and both are in E major regardless of the chord forms you use in each. Talk Memphis To Me by Cybill Shephard and Tom Wopat from Cybill's tv show talk memphis to me ****************************************************** December 3, 2019 Update: December 6, 2019 Ok, Hot Grubb's album is all tabbed and ready for downloading. Just added Brad Paisley's Online and it is a jpg file. Online - Brad Paisley To correct misalignments of lyrics and chords, I am now making jpg files of songs. This seems the best way to keep the chord over the right lyric for now. Keep on pickin' Tabbycat Update: Songs are back to html files. If you keep these songs in a monospace font, like Courier, the lyrics and chords will be aligned. ****************************************************** December 2, 2019 Just one more song to tab before the whole album is done. Keep on pickin' Alice aka Tabbycat ****************************************************** November 26, 2019 Updated: December 6, 2019 HOT GRUBB - BIG TIME album. HOT GRUBB the band's name and BIG TIME the album name. Local band makes an album with great country songs. 10 covers and 2 original songs written by Stever Harr. They only have a few cds left so get one while you still can. Visit their website. Just highlight and copy the following link and paste it in your browser. Facebook does not allow a link to work on a webpage, so you have to do it old school. The download chords and lyrics to this album are at the top of this page. (Not anymore) ******************************************************* July 25, 2019 Update: September 6, 2019 I reworked Wrapped Around by Brad Paisley. Keep on pickin' Tabbycat Update: What I mean by rework, I mean I am tabbing out the lead in this song - a work in progress. The chords and lyrics stay the same.Wrapped Around - Brad Paisley Dec 3m 2019 Update: I am abandoning this song until further notice ******************************************************* June 25, 2019 Every Little Honky Tonk Bar - George Strait had been posted. ******************************************************* June 24, 2019 I'm Still A Guy - Brad Paisley had been posted. ******************************************************* June 14, 2019 One Beer Can - Brad Paisley had been posted. ******************************************************* June 13, 21019 Straight To Hell (long version) - Darius Rucker had been posted. Straight To Hell (short version) - Darius Rucker had been posted. ******************************************************* June 6, 2019 I'll Take You Back - Brad Paisley had been posted. Well we finished up cutting up the fallen oak tree yesterday. Now I have more time to tab tunes. Man, what a nasty dirty bug filled job cutting up a tree is in California. The yard looks bug free but only until a big old oak tree falls LOL Keep on pickin' Alice ******************************************************* June 5, 2019 Start A Band - Brad Paisley/Keith Urban had been posted. ******************************************************* June 4, 2019 Alcohol - Brad Paisley had been posted. The thing about tabbed songs on the web is one person will tab a song and then other people steal the work and send it to song archives. So if it is a bad tab it gets replicated over and over and never gets corrected. This is why there are so many copies of badly done tabs. It is great if the tab was done correctly. Anyway, I could not find a tab that was in the key of the recording. So I tabbed this song so at least one copy is online that has the recording key and chords. This song, Alcohol by Brad Paisley, plays with Bmajor and Bminor, which was frowned on but not into today's music. If you don't know that is what the songwriters have done, then it doesn't get tabbed correctly. Now I am on my soap box: My archives feeds working bands songs. I used to be in a working band so I got good at tabbing tunes. I am not perfect but I am a damn good tabber. I find it frustrating to download a tab and it is not even close to the recording. I play an electric guitar (Fender Stratocastor) and I don't use a capo and I highly recommend you don't either. Learn your barre chords and once you learn them then the sharps and flatted chords are no big deal. (I do use a capo on my acoustic guitar) Ok, I am stepping off my soapbox. ;] Keep on pickin Alice ******************************************************* June 3, 2019 We got our new chain saw today. So tabs will be delayed. Keep on pickin' Alice ******************************************************* June 2, 2019 Beer Can't Fix - Rhett Thomas has been posted Ode De Toilet (The Toilet Song) - Brad Paisley has been posted We are waiting for our new chain saw to show up so until then I am tabbing songs. Keep on pickin' Alice ******************************************************* June 1, 2019 PM Bucked Off - Brad Paisley has been posted I have seen tabs online of this song adding Bm or C#m Amaj7 but I tab against the recording and those chords are not there. Of course, play them if you think they sound good but I tab what is on the recording. Up to you on how you play it. Keep on pickin' Alice ******************************************************* June 1, 2019 AM Update: Our chain saw died on us, so that left me time to tab songs until our new chain saw arrives. Yeaaaaaa. Last Thursday night (May 30, 2019) a huge California Oak tree came crashing down in our yard. No wind or rain, just decided to fall. Upon examining it, the root system barely existed and this tree was surviving by taking food and water from the tree next to it until it got so big what it was stealing was not enough. This tree was around 30 years old. I hate losing trees. It's fall damaged our sitting bench so it's irrepairable. It ripped up a lot of landscaping plants. Huge tree, about 25 feet high, trunk about 2 feet around. It's a huge job getting it cut up and piled up with the small buzz saw we have. So new tabs are not getting posted as fast I wanted them too because since Friday morning I have been out with my husband cutting up the tree and piling it up to be chipped later. It's hot dirty work and takes all of my energy. We expect to have the work done by this coming Tuesday. I have tabbed Bucker Off but I need to just go over it. I am hoping to do that today. Keep on pickin Alice ******************************************************* May 28,2019 Beer Never Broke My Heart by Luke Combs has been posted Keep on pickin' Alice ******************************************************* May 27, 2019 I am tabbing songs again, but, only the songs I like. Not only is Brad Paisley a great guitarist, he writes great songs. I tend to like the funny lyrics, as he write with clever twists. So the upcoming songs are heavily Brad Paisley with a dash of Luke Combs and George Strait. Coming up: Alcohol _ Brad Paisley (just added to this list) Beer Can't Fix - Thomas Rhett (just added to this list) Beer Never Broke My Heart - Luke Combs (Tabbed and posted) Bucked Off - Brad Paisley (almost done - just fine tuning it a bit) Every Little Honky Tonk - George Strait Ode de Toilet (The Toilet Song) - Brad Paisley (next song) One Beer Can - Brad Paisley Start A Band - Brad Paisley and Keith Urban Keep on pickin' Alice ************************************************** May 24, 2019 My Midi files would not play no matter what I did, so I had to convert them to mp3. Then I had to find the right html code for playing mp3 files from a webpage. Ok, all the files play great for me and I am hoping they play great for you too. If not, you can download all of the songs in two available zipped files. One is the midi files and the other for mp3 files and you are welcome to both. Keep on pickin Alice ************************************************** May 21, 2019 I have been working on my website. Cleaning up my webpages by deleting invalid links and fixing broken links. Put in a new page hit counter, it's cats. If you want to see it, page down on this page, all the way to the bottom. It's free in case you want to get one. My links page has new items you might want to check out - especially the youtube guitar teachers that I personally have as teachers. Lots of weird weather here in California. Rain on, rain off as each new weather cell passes over. Reminds me of back east weather. Keep on pickin Tabbycat aka Alice ************************************************ May 16, 2019 Ok, my search engine is back to proper working condition again. I have used Zoom Indexer (my search engine name) for years for my personal webpage search engine. It is easy to set up and works flawlessly once you do your personal setup. If you are looking for a great indexer for your website, take a look at this one. It's about 120 bucks with no subscription. Once you buy it, it is yours to keep. The techs are fabulous to work with. *********************************************** May 15, 2019 Worked on my search engine. There is an error on my search page which is creating errors messages on the search results page. Just scroll down those error messages to see your search results. I have removed my very old TOP 30 menu section. I will put any songs tabbed in the main archive but mostly the top 30 was just lyrics and this is a tab website so I won't post those. I worked some more on the song "I Don't Know" by Darius Rucker so if you want that tab be sure you download a fresh copy. Keep on pickin Alice ************************************************ May 9, 2019 Whenever I tab a song, I do post it here. Today I tabbed and posted a Darius Rucker Song entitled, I Don't Know. Darius performs it with Brad Paisley and I guess Brad helped him write it but I am waiting on the album to arrive to confirm that. (UPDATE: Song was written by Darius Rucker, Brad Paisley, Chris Dubois) Anyway, been a long time. I hope you have been well and happy. My search engine is not properly working now. I am working on it. Not sure what the problem is so it may be a while before it works again. Keep on pickin' Alice ************************************************ free counter