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Quote "Depending on why you are learning the guitar, playing chords may just be the most important first step you can take. They are the basis of almost every song, and in most cases, they are the key way to make your own versions of tunes immediately recognisable." Unquote.
That quote is the first paragraph of this website and says what they offer. I find this website fun to explore and learn about how to play chords. Photos and text gives you the skinny on how to play chords. So check it out.

These are the guitar teachers I take lessons from. I buy their lessons. I really think they can make you a better guitar player, faster than just learning on your own. It has worked out that way with me.

Spend some time with Adrian (you will leave here and go to youtube)
Adrian is a laid back whirlwind of musical ideas. He plays and teaches great. Great manner on his videos. I just love him and you will too. So hit that spend some time Adrian link above and get learning guitar the Adrian way.

Spend some time with Dr. Groovy(you will leave here and go to youtube)
Groovy Music Lessons with Scott Grove!!!!! I love this guy, is he outrageous, perhaps full of himself
at times, but Lord, can he play country guitar and he will gladly teach you. He says what he thinks and
he don't care if it hurts your feelings. He does not do it to be mean, he just says how it
really is. He plays all kinds of music but his heart is in the music he grew up with, old country. So turn
your ego off and start learning great guitar with Scott.

Spend some time with Doug (you will leave here and go to youtube)
Doug Seven from SizzlingGuitars.
A bit on the chatty size in the beginning of his videos
but once he gets into the lessons
he will teach you how to play amazing country guitar.

4 string tuner website

TOTALTABS (AUSSIE) - brand new tab web site - Free up to a point.

Singing Cowboy With Dog - Tabs and Information on the singing cowboys of the silver screen

Co-Acoustic Lots of tabs from different types of music including country


I don't get money for promoting any of these web sites, I think they are worth your time to check them out so I have links to them.

TRUEFIRE.COM - When you're ready to know more and play better.
I have four of their CDs and on the first hour,
I was playing better then I ever have and You can too.

City Data, See what is online about the place you live in.

CHORD HOUSE - When you're looking for how to play a chord(s)

TCMA's Transpositional Wheel. Quickly change key to any song with this device. Assemble required.

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